Wing Fuel System™ provides fleets with proven technology, now from a company that understands green fleets—because we build, operate, and maintain our own

We drive green trucks, just like you

Wing Fuel System technology is a combination of engineering excellence and hands-on fleet management expertise you won't find anywhere else. No other technology company owns and operates a fleet using the systems they sell.

  • We have inspected, serviced, repaired, and built more than 30,000 natural gas systems ranging from passenger vehicles to Class 6 installed on Ford, GM, Chevy and Isuzu Platforms.
  • We are committed to meeting the needs of natural gas fleets, by providing simplified ordering, parts and service—all backed by the best warranty in the business.
  • Westport technology for bi-fuel systems meets Ford calibration standards.
  • We go beyond engine testing in a lab. Running your own fleet is a superior, hands-on practice to validate what we promise.

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